A Little History...

Posted on April 01 2015

For much of this century, people have been stripping all the old furniture they could get their hands on.

No more. Painted pieces are the darlings of the antiques show circuit and are in every vintage shop, antique store and pop-up market. Your grandmother's highboy, Aunt Elsie's buffet, that discarded piece on the side of the road (yes, we all stop for those) are all being slapped with coats of every type of paint in all the colors of the rainbow - from classic creamy linen, to dijon yellow to barn red and peacock turquoise.   

With the vogue for painted furniture has come the realization that early American homes were full of color. Not only was much of the furniture painted, but walls, too, were often covered in bright colors.

As colorful finishes on furniture and walls dulled through wear or dirt, the myth developed that 18th and 19th century homes were drab. Modernism also contributed to the dulling-down of American decorative-arts history by emphasizing white walls and natural wood finishes.

Encouraged by magazine articles and books explaining the techniques, many homemakers today paint their own furniture.

But the do-it-yourself idea, too, started early in the 19th century when young girls were taught at seminaries how to paint furniture and wooden boxes with watercolors. The decorated pieces were varnished by cabinetmakers and then proudly displayed at home.

So, let's fast-toward to today.  DIY'ers are turning their passion into businesses.  Junking is now a verb.  Everyone is looking for that unique find or that diamond in the rough that can be repurposed, sanded, painted, up cycled and turned into something beautiful. It's the gratification of "look what I did!" that's the driving force behind this trend.

It's with this in mind that we launched Rustic Brands. We love this vintage, farmhouse, rustic, makeover world. And our Rustic Hardware line was created with a focus on the furniture painting community.  We source the most unique, beautiful styles to offer our customers and retailers so they have the perfect finishing touch for their own "look what I did!".

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